Our Commitment

Instrument Transformer Technologies (Pty) Ltd is firmly committed to supplying our customers with an exceptionally reliable product, a product that meets or even exceeds all applicable and industry standards, to then go even further, by ensuring that our product is delivered on time every time.

In House Design and Manufacture

We design and manufacture our own products. This ensures their integrity from raw material to final product.



GE Voltage Regulators 11-22 kV

Isolators & Disconnectors 66 kV

  • test transformers
  • precise standard voltage and current transformers

Power Capacitors 10-25 kV

Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Completely shielded in Faraday cage, suitable for all routine tests and type tests with AC voltage up to Um 800kV.

  • Oil immersed from Um 66kV up to Um 800kV (current and capacitive voltage transformers)
  • oil immersed from Um 66kV up to Um 550kV (inductive voltage transformers)
  • oil immersed from Um 66kV up to Um 420kV (combined transformers)
  • gas SF6 insulated for mounting in GIS up to Um 170kV (current and voltage transformers)


Instrument Transformer Technologies (Pty) Ltd Management have committed to the development, implementation and effectiveness of our Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001-2008, addressing Policy, Management Review and availability of adequate resources.

Management is committed to a Quality System that is appropriate to our Company and which reflects our commitment to compliance with requirements, effective and continual improvements, a framework for reviewing Quality Objectives, understanding and continued stability and satisfaction of our customers, shareholders and employees.

To further achieve these objectives, Instrument Transformer Technologies (Pty) Ltd, will provide the necessary systems and support structures to ensure that:

The requirements of our customers are recognized and procedures implemented accordingly.
Contracts will only be accepted where the satisfaction of the customer can be achieved.
Contracts are completed within the agreed time.
The skills of personnel be developed and improved.
The quality awareness of all personnel is increased.
The correct tools and other equipment is provided.
Our Suppliers are also committed to quality and service.

Instrument Transformer Technologies (Pty) Ltd provides training and assessment of personnel where competence levels are measured by virtue of internal Quality Audits and Management Review Meetings.

Annual Business Reports are available to all staff indicating performance with regard to Sales, Production, Quality Objectives and Targets achieved. The Quality Objectives shall be reviewed at quarterly intervals.


Please email us with any questions you might have regarding our products.


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